Prayer Warriors

The Prayer Warriors ministry group was established to intercede for the actualization of the divine purpose of God for the MFM church.



The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries was established in 1989. History has it that Dr. D.K. Olukoya summoned a prayer meeting, which was attended by 23 interdenominational christians on a Wednesday, in his home. The result of that first prayer meeting of the group of people (Prayer Warriors) who believed in the power  of prayer led to the establishment of MFM. Because of the sensitive nature of the ministry, which focuses on deliverance and spiritual warfare, this informed the establishment of the Prayer Warriors group to intercede for the church. its members, ministers and programmes.

Prayer Warriors is not only the first group to be established in MFM, it is also the oldest. Every branch of MFM has this group established as a convention. In every prayer meeting, the power of God is made manifest to heal, deliver and to save in Jesus Name.


Different leaders have led the group over the years including: Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Pastor Aderemi, Pastor Gbolahan Kehinde, Pastor Adesanya, Pastor Shola Alayo and Pastor Kunle Babagbemi.


Current Leadership

The group is currently headed by Pastor Olakorede Ajasa.


Vision & Mission of the Prayer Warriors



To intercede for the actualization of the divine purpose of God for the MFM church.


  • To offer continuous intercessory prayers for the growth, purpose and vision of the church
  • To intercede for the ministers and members
  • To pray for success of programmes, i.e, regular services and other special programmes


Membership Matters


The following are the requirements for becoming a member of the group in sequence:

  • Give your life to Jesus Christ: accept him as your personal Lord and Saviour and become truly born again.
  • Join the one of the church’s foundational classes, graduate and get baptized
  • Join the memberhip class, graduate and earn a certificate of membership
  • Join the Prayer Warriors transit group for a minimum of 6 months
  • Get assigned to a Prayer Warriors subgroup as a full member

A prayer warrior member who comes from other branches within and outside the state is expected to obtain a letter of recommendation from his/her leader introducing him/her to the leadership of the group at the headquarters.


The following are benefits accruing to members of this group:

  • Personal training to engage in spiritual warfare
  • Opportunity to fulfill the call and become a good intercessor
  • Opportunity to obtain letters of recommendation from the group for required occasions
  • Every Sunday – 13:00 to 13:30.
  • Night vigils- to be announced