The Men of Valor fellowship of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM) as a group, is comprises of men from various background across the globe, who are determine to be the head in all that they do.

(1 Chronicles 5:24) “And these were the heads of the house of their fathers…mighty men of valor…”.


The group is comprised of:
  • A man who knows God
  • A man who fears God
  • A man who loves God and others
  • A man who trusts God in all things
  • A man of exceptional courage
  • A man of integrity
  • A man of strength
  • A man who is faithful
  • A man of peace
  • A man who protects others
  • A man of honour
  • A man of his word
  • To empower men spiritually because when men are spiritually empowered, they can possess their possessions.
  • Establish, recreate an array of men who will remake United Kingdom
  • Empower men that will cause a change in the household of God and in the society.
  • Empower men that will live impactful lives
  • To raise apostolic men who will pull down the citadel of darkness
  • To train men to be real men
  • To create an avenue for iron to sharpen iron amongst men
  • To empower MFM Reading and Basingstoke men spiritually and economically
  •  To raise eagle men who will soar above the prevailing world of deep iniquity
  • To set men on fire for God
  • To raise men up to their maximum potentials
  • To raise men who will display Godly character in every situation
  •  To make men to be blessings to those around them


And we can achieve the above objectives through:
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Prayer meetings
  • Deliverance services
  • Marriage seminars and other life impacting seminars
  • Mini bible school
  • Mini deliverance school.

Below are our logo, vision, mission and core values we need to have at our finger tips:


Bringing men back to God

For men to discover themselves, to discover their lost glory and be repositioned to fulfil their divine destiny. – Ezekiel 36:26



To change the lives of men by making them to discover themselves, bringing them closer to God, encouraging them to become men of integrity, who will make significant and beneficial impact in the lives of their children, families, and spouse in all facets of life.


Core Values:

We strive to fulfil our mission and vision by our commitment to be holy    righteous, Chrsit filled and guided by the Holy Spirit . We should be examples of a believer patiently loving our wives and children as Christ loves the Church and committed to the Word of God. He should be husband of one wife, a prayer eagle and financial and spiritual head of the home


Other Functions of Men of Valour
  • Social gathering
  • Welfare of brethren
  • Evangelising
  • Financial support and other needs in the Church
  • Inviting families into our gatherings
  • Supporting our brothers in time of need
  • Spiritual growth
  • Counselling